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Homicide of Newborn Baby Girl
Description and Date of Crime: Homicide of Newborn Baby Girl - 03/11/2006
Location: Along railroad tracks, City of Alhambra
Reward Amount and Date Offered: $10,000 - 12/05/2006
Deadline to Provide Information to Law Enforcement Agency: 03/5/2007
Deadline to Submit Claim to Executive Office: 05/04/2007

At its meeting held December 5, 2006, the Board took the following action:

     Supervisor Antonovich made the following statement:

      “On May 16, 2006, this Board approved a $10,000 reward to assist the Alhambra Police Department in their investigation of a newborn baby girl who was found dead along the railroad tracks in the City of Alhambra on March 11, 2006. According to Alhambra authorities, the baby was wrapped in plastic grocery bags and thrown over a fence onto a railroad right-of-way.

      “Subsequently, an informant provided the necessary information to affect the arrest and eventual conviction of the person responsible for this murder.”

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